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5 Reasons To Choose A Resin Surface Over Any Other Driveway Surface

A driveway is the most necessary aspect for any homeowner. It provides safety as well as enhances the look of your home. Earlier people used to have paved block pathways for improving their home because it looks natural. Whereas concrete and tarmac driveways came later and were more constructive and long-lasting. But today most of the homeowners prefer to have resin driveway by looking at the current economic climate as it is more durable. There is no doubt that a resin bound pathway is gaining more popularity day by day and to know why – look at the points mentioned below.


Resin Driveway
Resin Driveway

Prevent unwanted plant growth

Usually, a concrete driveway has several joints where weeds can soon make their way and it also doesn’t look good. Although you can remove the plants but that will only be a burden for you. On the other hand, a resin pathway is much stronger and needs comparatively low maintenance. If it gets installed properly then the resin-pathway can resist even the strongest of unwanted weeds.

Higher durability

Like it is already mentioned above a resin bonded pathway is more durable as compared to the other materials. They are unaffected by the thermal movement and freeze-thaw which is not the same in the case of concrete pathways.

Smooth finishing

Resin drives provide very smooth and enduring finishing with no droopy stones which makes them ideal for all practices for example pushchairs of disabled people, children bicycle etc. You can also use multiple colors in the borders and curves to give a nice design to your pathway. There are so many companies out there which provide dedicated services for pathways installation.

No need to stress over water drainage

Resin bonded pathways are completely permeable to air and water. So in the rainy season and on other occasions, you don’t have to worry about the drainage of water because it soaks all the water of your drive and keeps it dry. That’s why resin is known as the best material used for making driveways.

Visually attractive

With concrete driveways, you cannot experiment with the designs but with the resin driveway you can have multiple variations and can customize the driveway that compliments your house. It is best both in terms of longevity and visual appearance.


Hence, these are some of the potential reasons which are evident enough to choose a resin surface over any other driveway surface.